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GGT| Our Promise

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Ggt - Lean purchasing

  1. Buy cheapest in the world
  2. Buy to archieve the lowest total cost
  3. Buy in the producing country
  4. Minimize Number of suppliers
  5. Keep the supply chain as short as possible

 Our team works with various suppliers and offers a wide selection of products. We strive to satisfy our customers and work with professional precision to achieve results and stay efficient.

 Our company can deliver the goods to any safe port in the world and utilizes any transportation means available to successfully deliver the products to our costumers. In recent years we have  expanded our market and work with suppliers from all around the world.

  We transport the goods to our costumers with great attention to details, following the set out international procedures and provide certificates necessary for the end-consumer. We take great care in presenting the details of our products and supply different varieties of certain products.

Our goal is to build a reliable and lasting partnership with both our suppliers and costumers.  

German Global Trading GmbH, an international trading company with vast experience in import - export of animal feeds, grains, dried fruits, aluminum, steel billets etc.

Delivering commodeties with consideration